WorkPro’s Work-Life Grant     [maxbutton id=”2″ ]

Obtain up to $105,000 for implementing work-life strategies.

Striking a healthy work-life balance is a difficult challenge for employers but all the more necessary to retain employees. Consider the Work-Life Grant under WorkPro to help you and your employees better manage work and family responsibilities.

The Work-Life Grant consists of 2 components:

  • The Developmental Grant

  • The Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA) Incentive

Developmental Grant

The Developmental Grant is a one-time grant of up to $40,000 per company to help you take steps towards implementing work-life strategies, particularly FWAs. It can also help to defray part of the developmental costs, e.g. for training, consultancy and infrastructure.


1. To be eligible for the Developmental Grant, you need to:

  • Appoint a work-life ambassador from senior management to champion a work-life friendly workplace for your employees and to communicate the organisation’s work-life policies to your employees.

  • Have at least one employee complete the work-life training course.

2. Flexible Work Arrange (FWA) Incentive

The FWA Incentive encourages you to support more employees on FWAs. FWAs recognized includes:

  • Flexi-Time (report to work early and leave early, vice versa)

  • Flexi-Place (work out of office 2 days per month)

  • Part-time Work (work less than 35 hours per week)


Up to $120,000 per company.


In tranches of up to $40,000 per year over 3 years.

Computation (yearly)

Based on the number of unique Singaporean employees utilising FWAs:

  • $10,000 for the first 5 Singaporean employees.

  • $1,500 per additional Singaporean employee (i.e. from 6thonwards).

The total incentive disbursed depends on the percentage of employees utilising the FWAs:

Utilisation rate for FWAs

Total incentive

Annual payment

At least 20%

Up to $75,000

Up to $25,000

At least 30%

Up to $120,000

Up to $40,000

FWA -Flexi-time

e.g. Working at staggered hours

$2,000 per employee

–        Up to 35 employee claims per employer

FWA – Flexi – Place

e.g. Telecommuting

$2,000 per employee

FWA – Flexi-Load

e.g. Going on Part-time, or job sharing at RnF level

$2,000 per employee

Job Sharing for PMET jobs

paying of $3600 and above for compensating employers with job sharing.

$3,500 per employee

–        Up to 10 employee claims per employer

Considering Job Sharing under FWA Grant

  • Job sharing of which an arrangements of more than one individuals employees allow to share the job load, mainly targeting of different time slots of working which allows overlap to maintain continuity.

Age Management Grant

The Age Management Grant has two tranches: Tranche 1 is worth $5,000 and Tranche 2 is worth $15,000. Companies must have at least 5 mature workers (50 years old and above) and submit a pre-application report using the template provided on the age management practices they plan to adopt at the point of application to be eligible for the grant.

Tranche 1 ($5,000)

  • Employers must complete the following 5 requirements within 6 months:

    (i) details of a policy of continuing to employ employees who are turning 62 years old on the same employment contract (i.e. sail-through) and/or a policy offering eligible employees re-employment in line with the Tripartite Guidelines, and

    (ii) proof that the policy has been communicated to all employees.

  • Send a supervisory employee to attend 6 courses including a job redesign and process improvement, age management, Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Facilitator etc

  • Attend briefing and sign the TAFEP fair employment practices pledge

Trance 2 ($15,000)

After completing the requirements in tranche 1, employers must complete the following 4 requirements to claim tranche 2. Employers have 12 months to complete both tranches.

  • Adopt any 4 types of age management practices :

    (1) Performance Management : Carry out performance assessment using on at least 5

    employees aged 50 and above.

    (2) Multi Generational Workforce : Implement a Mentoring Programme (Buddy System)

    (e.g. a newly-hired younger worker can be paired with an older worker for three

    months as part of the OJT programme). Both the mentor and mentee must be locals.

    (3) Workers Well-Being : Submit a workplace risk assessment in accordance with the

    Workplace Safety and Health (Risk Assessment) Regulations. Implement wellness

    activities like stress management, balanced diet, healthy living exercise etc

    (4) Training Retraining : Create training roadmap for older workers.

  • Organise a standardised Health and Wellness Programme which includes the following:

    (1) Knowledge of Personal Health – At least 50% of the total number of mature workers

    (SCs/SPRs) in the company, subject to a minimum of 5 to undergo the Health

    Practices Survey to be administered by the health provider.

    (2) Behavioral Change for Healthy Living – Send at least 20% of the total number of

    mature workers 
(SCs/SPRs), subject to a minimum of 5 to attend both workshops.

Job Redesign Grant

To provide more funding support to help companies create physically easier, safer and smarter jobs for older workers i.e. aged 50 years and above – Singaporean and PR.

  • making jobs physically easier, safer and smarter through improvements to the workplace environment / work processes

  • placement and retention of older workers

  • improved productivity, enhanced job scope, wage increment etc

Companies which embarked on the Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP) or the Capability Development Grant (CDG) may apply for the Job Redesign (Rider) if the project also leads to a positive impact on older workers. This includes, but not limited to,

  • Number of older workers aged 50 to 59 who is/are benefiting from the project x $10,000 and aged 60 and above who is/are benefiting from the project x $20,000

  • OR 80% of project cost