Social Media Management System Course


Social Media Management Software (SMMS) is a widely used term for the past 2 years in the United States and lately, it has spread to Asia. It is closely aligned with marketing automation platforms, these tools help you scale your social media efforts, engage customers, and monitor mentions, or conversations about your brand.

If you’re struggling to bridge the gap between your marketing and social media efforts, your business needs social media marketing software. Sometimes called social media management software (SMMS), and closely aligned with these tools help you scale your social media efforts, engage customers, and monitor mentions, or conversations about your brand.

When aligned correctly, marketers report the following benefits:

 Generated exposure for brands – 88 %
 Increased website traffic/subscribers – 72 %
 Improved search rankings – 62 %
 New business partnerships – 56 %
 Increased generation of qualified leads – 51 %
 Reduced overall marketing expenses – 49 %
 Improved sales – 43 %


Course Outline :

Multiple social networking publishing

 How to publish your content on several social networking platforms
 Extend your services into different social media platforms

Managing Social Media Scheduling Tools

 Schedule posts according to your needs and desired marketing strategy
 Bulk Schedule allows multiple posts to be uploaded, scheduled and published, all at


Audience Targeting Tools

 Filter and outreach a specific user demographic with your publication you can use
publication targeting based on gender, age, geography, career and location.
 Geocode your publication with your current location or any other place in the world.
 Tagging your publication with geo coordinates allows you to tap into local markets
and audiences.


Cross-Platform management

 Monitor and analyze social space for occurrences of a particular set of keywords that
you’ve set up.
 A multitude of configuration options give you complete control of how searches are
conducted and how matches are determined
 Build complex monitors like track hashtags and phrases. Monitor globally or your
network specifically. Combine and exclude keywords into sophisticated queries.


Social Media Automation
 Setting triggers to automate important tasks across your social media profiles without
leaving a comment on your facebook page unattended or not engaged with.
 Manages the following: Reply, Favourite, Flag, Like, Follow, Unfollow, Delete


Rich Content Customization
 Overlaying custom message and layout
 Mastering techniques of change logo, header, background, button color, text and links.
 Deep Keyword Analytics and Keyword Influencer Suggestions.
 Identify key topic influencers – bloggers who contribute to the particular topic the
most, developing keyword which is top searches and high demand.


Smart Social Inbox
 Method of setting teamwork, team collaboration
 Find and join conversations, efficiently manage workflow and more.
 Enable you to not only be more effective and organized today, but that are flexible
enough to support your social strategy as it evolves.


360-degree brand and reputation building
 Reinvent and transform your business identity while improving your company’s
 Methods to generate tactics, define brand persona and voice for social channels, and
adapt content marketing tactics to social media.
 Monitor brand mentions and relevant conversations, track engagements
automatically, and schedule your social posts to be published when the right people
will see them.


Course duration: 8 Hours/ 1 day

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