Venturing abroad? How we can help :


We assist companies to cut down potential risks prior to business setup by identify potential business partners and/ or customers (B2B) including the following:

  • Sourcing for supplier
  • Assist in Licensees/ franchisees
  • Appointment of marketing agents
  • Authorizing distributors
  • Strike fruitful joint venture with partner

We assist company in :

  • Feasibility study and market research
  • M&A due diligence
  • Pilot & test bedding (A pilot and test bedding project should help a company demonstrate the viability of their solution, establish a track record to scale the solution in overseas markets, and be non-revenue generating. Eligible expenses for qualifying projects include costs of hardware, software, manpower and third-party costs for up to 6 months. )

Make a strong foothold In your selected market by buiding a robost system in the following area to equip your Singapore employees and foregn employee in selected market in the following scope :

  • Branding
  • E-commerce Development
  • Financial Management
  • Internationalisation Strategy
  • Intellectual Property(IP) & Franchising

Reduce your overseas expansion risk with professional assistance from our team of professional consultants who has extensive experience in local market. Consultation and services are heavily subsidies under MRA(Market Readiness Assistance) and GCP (Global Company Partnership Grant) Funding by IE Singapore.

What is MRA Grant?

IE’s MRA program is designed to enable businesses venture overseas; explore, expand and export to new markets. Funding support is given to help defray up to 70% of overseas setup and market promotion costs.

Business Matching is under Market Readiness Assistance Grant where we will help you to identify potential business partners and/or customers (B2B) including the following:

  • Licensees/franchisees
  • Agents and distributors
  • Joint venture partners

Application process: Detailed report on the profile of the potential customers/ partners for the company in the selected market and business matching outcomes.

Does the following describe your company?

  1. Global HQ anchored in Singapore
  2. Company annual turnover of less than S$100 million per annum based on the most recent audited report

If yes, you are eligible to claim under MRA!

Clueless about how the MRA Grant works?

Here’s how we do it at GrapeMedia:

1. Meet us for a no-obligations consultation
2. Application to IE Singapore will be assisted by us
3. Get approval from IE Singapore
4. Embark on your marketing campaign!
5. Claim back up to 70% expenses from IE Singapore