Miracle Leadership Growth Programme

Course Outline:

Behavioural Wellness



  • DISC behaviour tool
  • The amenability of competencies to change


Lencioni’s 5 stage pyramid


  • The 5 stages: Status and ego, Low Standards, Ambiguity, Artificial Harmony, Invulnerability
  • Application of the 5 stages to Scrum


Group Discussions

  • The Inverted, Positive Model
  • Sprint planning exercise
  • Daily Scrum
  • Sprint reviews
  • Sprint retrospectives
  • Examples of sprint planning meeting (daily Scrum), Scrum review meeting, Scrum retrospectives meeting


Building the Best Internal and External Customer Service Strategies



  • External and internal customers
  • How to improve external and internal customers’ satisfaction
  • Knowing your key customer segments and stakeholders
  • Measuring customer satisfaction

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

  • The four branches of Emotional Intelligence
  • The importance of Emotional Intelligence
  • How to improve your Emotional Intelligence

Self-managed Work Group, Communications and Mastermind

  • Ways to improve workplace internal communication
  • The power of Masterminding
  • Right and Wrong mindsets
  • Mastermind Group Concept
  • How a Mastermind group improves mindset

Corporate Team-building Programmes

  • Introduction to various team-building activities

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