Love Your Customer, Respect Your Peers

This programme is intended to empower participants with the knowledge and skills to relate others better whether they are internal or external customers.

Do you find it challenging to deal with difficult customers, or colleagues? Have you ever experienced communication breakdowns and misunderstanding with your colleagues?
Are you aware of how to deal with various personalities and backgrounds of different people? Do you know why some people may understand the message you deliver while others wont ?

Excellent service goes beyond service with a smile. It is only when one truly understands what a service profession is, that we are able to take service to the next level by going the extra mile, and, truly make a difference to your customer.

This course serves as a foundational unit in the journey towards service excellence. It focuses on the importance of having the right service mind-set and how extra mile service benefits you as well as the organisation. 

Target Audience: This course is for service staff from various service industry sectors. However, it is recognised that service is extended not just to external customers but internal customers as well.

Course Objective

  • What it takes to provide the “Extra Mile” service
  • How to professionalise yourself as a service agent
  • Making the best use of what you know to create an impact for your customer, your organisation as well as for yourself 

Course Outline:


  • Knowing Your Offering, organisation’s service values, service standards
  • Customers’ characteristics & behaviours
  • Aligning your service mission to the organisations
  • Qualities & characteristics of a professional service personnel
  • Engaging positively with your customer
  • Communicate is not talking
  • Creating the service experience for your customer
  • Providing the winning encounter with your customer
  • Exceeding customers’ expectations, going for the extra miles



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