Say “Inertia” and what commonly comes to mind is the difficulty of getting started. What doesn’t come to mind is the attendant difficulty of stopping once you’ve started, to say nothing of making mid-course corrections. Most of this workshop will deal with how to turn the endemic pervasiveness of apathy into unstoppable power for living. Some of it will deal with building upon and sustaining your successes, and not permitting your successes to bring about your untimely demise.


Desired Outcomes :

Participants are expected to realize how to make the best use of inertia in order to gain:

  1. A clear, ennobling raison d’etre for themselves and for their businesses/ organizations which will draw them inexorably forward.
  2. Practical handles on forming good habits.
  3. Understanding on the realities behind the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and what to do about them.
  4. Insights in how to remain enthusiastic.
  5. Tips on how to bring others on board.


Delivery Concept :

A one-day workshop with pre-workshop assignments and one post-workshop session designed to equip participants with Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge on using Inertia to best advantage.

Facilitator-led levelling-up sharing, discussions and presentations by small groups, videos and experiential learning activities are blended according to participant needs.

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