Hands On Managing Onsite Seminar / Corporate Event

An overview of event management, seminar, social gathering and traditional and contemporary banquet menus with an emphasis on quality, quantity, setup, timing, service, event planning, and execution of large-volume cooking and catering. Basic cooking and serving competencies will be reinforced and new skills specific to banquet preparation and serving will be taught.


  • Introduction to the event industry and
  • Planning process for small-mid scale talk, seminar, social events and catering

Event initiation and the event planning context

  • Establishing event purpose, bedgeting
  • F&B planning based on existing menu and special request planning
  • Creating the event concept
  • Event work breakdown structure and establishing event resource needs
  • Organisational structures for events
  • Operational planning


  • Schedules, checklists and running sheets
  • The role of the event manual

Monitoring, control, shutdown evaluation and knowledge management

  • Event monitoring and control tools
  • Event shutdown tasks
  • Event evaluation processes and tools

Outstation Catering Service

  • Prepare for Catering Service, co-ordinate pre-event/function activities
  • Supervise preparations for event/function delivery
  • Check list preparation and supervise transportation and set-up
  • Conduct pre-event / function briefing
  • Supervise event/function and Serve Food and Beverage According to Event Order
  • Clean Up After Service and Supervise post-event/function activities

Topics to be covered include contemporary American banquets, classical cuisine banquets, hot and cold buffet stations, special events, various styles of service, psychology of service, guest relations, the sequence of service, and professional standards for dining room personnel

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