Effective Marketing Strategies

This workshop uses a practical and team/peer-based approach. Through workplace scenarios, it takes participants through marketing process, engages them to apply marketing strategies actively in group discussion, presentation, sharing and proposing improvements.

Your organization will learn how to create customer value and win competitive edge over competitors. At the same time optimize business opportunities through application of effective market strategies.

You will learn how to :

  • Audit market forces in your operating environment
  • Align the marketing strategies with corporate direction and business strategy
  • Identify attractive market segments through segmentation and target marketing
  • Adopt relevant marketing strategies to meet customers and business objectives
  • Determine pricing objectives and strategies for customer acquisition
  • Develop product objectives and strategies for increased customer value
  • Leverage multiple distribution including the Internet channels for larger market reach
  • Develop digital marketing campaigns for market share
  • Integrate marketing communication strategies for brand equity
  • Push and pull promotional strategies to stimulate customers’ buying decisions
  • Develop positioning strategies for competitive advantage

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