A Branding and Marketing strategy can help your business create a unique brand persona that increases your brand relevance amongst consumers and differentiates you from competition. Coupled with a well-developed marketing plan for execution, you can then build brand equity over time to better support your efforts in the areas of partnerships, product diversification and internationalisation.

A brand and/or marketing strategy development project typically comprises the following processes:

Brand strategy development

  • Conduct brand audit and research to identify gaps, gain market insights and identify opportunities
  • Develop brand strategy, including identifying brand value proposition and market position
  • Develop visual identity system to align customer touch-points with brand message

Marketing strategy development

  • Conduct audit and market research to identify gaps in current marketing efforts, gain customer insights and understand industry trends
  • Define market position, unique value proposition and marketing objectives
  • Develop marketing strategy and implementation roadmap to align and improve marketing efforts to meet the defined objectives

Applicable for CDG funding