Brand Discovery

Development teams play a critical role in enabling biomedical research to continue. Brand Discovery Workshops bring development and communication team members together to focus and improve their fundraising strategy.


Your team will have the opportunity to share perspectives about why your work matters. We’ll work together to confirm key target audiences, identifying what and how they need to hear from you. By the end of the day your team should have a clear idea of how your biomedical brand creates value with the power to motivate your donor-based audiences.


You’ll get clear strategies for dealing with challenges like these:

  • Creating a meaningful connection with donors that encourages new and repeat funding
  • Getting maximum return from limited resources of time, personnel, or expertise
  • Staying focused, organized, and results-oriented
  • Keeping your board and leadership engaged and focused on fundraising
  • Delivering key messages with confidence, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas
  • Optimizing cross-channel marketing efforts
  • Reaffirming key target audiences and communicating why your science matters
  • Communicating with media

Businesses thrive because they have ideas that turn into products or services that are bang on the nail as far as customer needs are concerned and they get them to market fast and for the right price – it’s all about efficiency. Your brand is the single most important contributor to efficiency. It is involved at every level of every process, in every corner of your business.


Workshop One

In Workshop One we explore brands in greater depth until everyone understands the role that your brand plays in your business. Because its fact not supposition or creative musing it isn’t hard to grasp, but we don’t move on until all the managers buy-in. Once we have the buy-in we can start to develop the brand model. This is done through a process of discussion and syndicated tasks, with lots of paper flying around and a great deal of fun – who said that business has to be boring? We identify ten key elements of your brand to end up with the basis of your Brand Model.  I take that away and over the period of between a week and a month (depending on whether additional research is required to clarify issues arising from our discussion) produce your definitive Brand Model.


Workshop Two

Workshop Two involves the same players and starts by agreeing the finished Brand Model. Moving on we identify what implications the Brand Model has for the way you work, the processes you engage, your structure and most of all, the roles that everyone will play in bringing your brand to life.

By the end of Workshop Two you’ll have the basis of an action plan that I use as a basis for, individual action lists for each delegate. I’ll also give you a format for briefing any action, including those undertaken by partners such as advertising agencies, also a “project process model” and a set of criteria that will enable you to judge the value and success of these and other development initiatives and get it right on strategy every time. Most importantly, you will have the framework for an internal marketing programme that will ensure you are fully and efficiently utilising your most valuable asset – your employees.

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