We are a regional Integrated-Marketing Communication consulting company. Registered and headquartered in Singapore since November 2007, our territory embraces the world’s fastest growing economies all within the highly diverse Asia Pacific. For many years, the promotional function in most companies was dominated by mass media advertising – mainly print, TV and radio. It is necessary to utilize wide range of marketing tools. There is need for synergy among these various tools by acquiring Public Relations, Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing, Corporate Identity, Product Packaging, Internet, Point-of-Purchase/Display, Prints etc.

In order to get to the ground with consumers directly, we strongly believe in events marketing. Be it B2C Road Show, Product Launch, Guerilla Marketing, Shopping Centre Promotions. Or B2B Exhibition, Close Door Top Management Seminars etc. It helps avoid any duplication of efforts if any of these tools are handled differently.

Our philosophy: “Educate and Deliver Positive Awareness!” drives the company’s growth and achieving significant milestones and reputation in the industry.


The TEAM that works hard and plays hard: