OUR G.R.A.P.E. Methodology

  • Growth Planning and Brand Discovery
  • Review and Strategize Identity and Personality
  • Adjustment and Reinforce Marketing Architecture
  • Prepare for a 360 Change
  • Expresser and Amplifier via above-the-line and below-the-line Outreach

Our Philosophy:

GRAPE is the most noble and challenging of fruits. It is so inconstant – sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, sometimes flavorful, often times not. It symbolizes business in so many ways. People pretend not to like grapes when the vines are too high for them to reach.

The older the grapes, the sweeter the wine! 

Perseverance is the key of success where we find the blend and squeeze the best out of best of our client to produce Chateau Margaux 1787 (one of the most expensive single bottles of wine ever sold in auction)