Web advertising ensures that you reach your target audience in the quickest way at the right time. Call our consultants today to plan your very own online advertising program.

Web & Internet Advertising is also known as online advertising. This means you can advertise and marketing your product in any websites registered in the World Wide Web(WWW).

The advertisement inventory includes:

  • Community Websites : SgChinese.com, SingaporeExpats.com etc.

  • News Portals - Channel New Asia, Asia One, The Star etc.

  • Country Targeting Websites - streetdirectory.com, fhm.com.sg, todayonline.com, singaporeexpats.com, sgchinese.com and etc


The channel for Internet Advertising includes:

  • Text Ads

  • Image Ads (Banners)

  • Flash Ads

  • Video Ads (For more information, please visit the "Animation & Video Broadcasting" page)

We provide consultancy in:

    • Campaign and Ad Group Planning
      Understand your business objectives, business model, market research

    • Keyword Targeting & Research
      Identify different terms used by different consumer. Research on negative keywords,  keywords bidding and dynamic keyword insertion

    • Website , Landing Page Analysis
      Review on clients website, URL destination link and call products/services. Consultation and Review on landing page

    • Competitor Analysis
      Identify main competitors and their online strategies.

    • Geographic-targeting & Ad Scheduling
      Campaign can be targeting a city, region and country basis. Local Search Portals and Site Targeting will be advised based on clients targeted audience. For regional and worldwide campaign, Ad Scheduling will be advised to maximize the results.

    • Copyrighting of Advertisement & Banners
      Creates Awareness Ad., Call-to-Action Ad. and Image Ads (Banner, Skyscraper etc.)

    • Optimization & Monitoring
      Daily optimization, bidding and campaign monitoring

targetWe provide ultimate solutions for clients advertising needs. To optimized the campaign, we work closely and throughout the campaign with our clients in order to maximized the ROI(Return Of Investment). End of every month, a complete report will be provided to the client.