Business Strategy Innovation


Innovate to gain a competitive edge

Business Strategy Innovation is a structured approach that helps you gain competitive advantages by converting your knowledge and ideas into new or improved products, processes, services or business models. This is accomplished through the use of various innovation methods and tools, such as Business Model Innovation, Design Thinking and Service Innovation. Here, we help your company conduct environmental and market gap analysis to identify factors which can affect your company’s performance and also opportunities which you may exploit.


What do we offer? 

A business strategy innovation project typically comprises the following phases:

  • Understand the business and macro business environment, conduct pre-project diagnosis
  • Farming the challenge : Define the problem statement / target customer segment 
  • Identify minimum of 1 customer segment / group or insights gathering
  • Analyse current customer segments/groups using qualitative research and fieldwork (tools include, but are not limited to interviews, ethnography studies, shadowing, observations, video/photo journaling etc)
  • Generate ideas to tap on the identified market trends and opportunities
  • Recommendations on how companies can execute the ideas and Follow-up plan and proposed timeline
  • Provide an insights study/analysis of the identified customer groups
  • Develop an implementation roadmap for the selected ideas and growth areas